Tennessee Titans: It will be up to Jason McCourty to stop Odell Beckham Jr.


Many may not have recognized there will be two former collegiate teammates clashing against each other in this coming Sunday’s game between the Tennessee Titans (2-10) and the New York Giants (3-7). Titans’ quarterback Zach Mettenberger use to throw pass to Odell Beckham Jr. in their days at LSU. In a recent interview, Mettenberger had a different observation of Beckham’s now famous one handed catch.

"“He’s had better. Both him and [Miami Dolphins and former LSU receiver] Jarvis Landry. That was not a surprise for anyone who’s been around those two guys for the last three years.”"

The Titans will not take Beckham lightly. He will be heavily guarded, and will be matched up against the Titans’ best in the secondary, Jason McCourty. This is not something new for the Titans’ veteran cornerback, who is now in his sixth season in the NFL. This season, McCourty has been matched up against some of the league’s best receivers. And, he has been consistently dominate when guarding them.

This season, McCourty has been matched up against the Colts’ Reggie Wayne, the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, the Bengals’ A.J. Green, the Redskins’ DeSean Jackson, the Texans’ Andre Johnson, and the Ravens’ Steve Smith. In games where the opponent (Jaguars and Browns) had no clear top-receiver, McCourty was not assigned to one certain opponent. In fact, his best performances have come against the NFL’s top receivers.

Only one of them (Bryant) was able to score a touchdown in the game while facing McCourty. Through week 13, McCourty has recorded 59 total tackles, three interceptions, 10 passes defended, two forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery that resulted in a touchdown.

His opponent has stepped into the spotlight since Victor Cruz received a season ending knee injury. Beckham is now the Giants leading receiver, recording 48 receptions off of 67 targets. Those receptions have resulted in 699 receiving yards, and five touchdowns. He has been proven effective, with some spectacular catches. So, it will come down to McCourty at his best to stop him.

However, the Giants lackluster season has been just as depressing as the Titans’ season. Let’s not think about the NFL Draft this weekend. Let’s think about football. I want to actually talk about a win on Monday, not just who won on the field. Titan up.