Tennessee Titans: Glance at Potential 2015 Free Agency Moves

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Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

3.  What pending free agents will be re-signed?

Don’t attack for me saying this but the only pending free agents I would like to see return are the following:

  • WR Nate Washington – leadership, veteran help for young WR core
  • S George Wilson – leadership, help with locker room continuity
  • FB Jackie Battle – solid player at the position, low price
  • TE Chase Coffman – young prospect at the position, very low price

That means I left off players like LT Michael Roos, LB Colin McCarthy, CB Brandon Harris, DT Karl Klug, RT Byron Stingily, and many more.  It also means I left off QB Jake Locker as much as that breaks my heart.  It’s clear that Coach Ken Whisenhunt has moved on by getting Mettenberger involved in his rookie year.  Locker is a player that I think any coach, fan, and teammate could want on their team.  He’s smart, he’s athletic, he puts in overtime, and he’s a positive guy.  Unfortunately many injuries have prevented him from staying on the field and continuity at the QB position is most important in this league.

I know someone will ask, “What about him being Mettenberger’s backup?” Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in this business. Locker is a competitor and been with the Titans for four seasons and it just hasn’t worked out.  He also will surely want more money than what the Titans would be willing to offer him because he truthfully thinks he can be a starter in this league, and that’s good for him.  I truly wish him the best.  I have always been a fan of him and hope he defies the odds.