Tennessee Titans: Top Ten Titans on the Hot Seat

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<a href=. Right Tackle. Penalties, Poor Production. Michael Oher. 6. player. 35

Michael Oher is talented, but his inconsistency in blocking the pass rush this season has left many Titan fans shaking their heads in disbelief. Oher’s inconsistencies has also lead to a lot of costly penalties. He has five penalties thus far in the season (two unnecessary roughness, two holding, and one false start), which has led to 40 yards loss for the offense. I think we all expected the Michael Oher who help lead the Ravens to multiple playoff appearances and a Super Bowl win, but that has not been the case with his first year as a Titan. If there is anything positive you could say about Oher it is his durability. Oher has played in every regular season game (89) since he was drafted in 2009.