Tennessee Titans: Top Ten Titans on the Hot Seat

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Like Washington, Jake Locker‘s days in Nashville are about to come to an end. He was supposed to rekindle the days of success we witnessed with Kerry Collins, Vince Young, and even Steve McNair. Never once were we remotely close with Locker behind center. However, I don’t believe you can only point the finger at Locker for his lack of success. I don’t believe we gave him the chance, especially last season and this season. In his four seasons with the Titans, he has not once had an offensive line worth a damn to give him the protection he needs. This has resulted in numerous injuries. This season, he suffered an injury in this throwing wrist. You can’t expect anyone to perform at their highest level if they’re always banged up. Nevertheless, Ken Whisenhunt has lost all trust in Locker, and he may very well not take another snap for the Titans.