Tennessee Titans Mid-Season Position Grades: Tight Ends


This week, we will be reviewing each position and grading each Tennessee Titans player based on their performances. We will discuss each position separately, and each player within the positions together. Feel free to leave your comments about our review in the comment section below.

Craig Stevens is out. Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In this article we will review the tight ends.

The Tennessee Titans have experienced a rough season with the tight end position. Injures have plagued the depth chart, and now two out of the original three on the official roster will miss the rest of the season. The misfortune of the Titans losing these two tight ends has come in just less than a month apart.

Craig Stevens suffered a thigh injury in the week five game against the Browns. After having surgery to rebuild the torn tendon in his thigh, Stevens was placed on injured reserve, where it was announced he would miss the remaining games of the season. Even though Stevens only completed two receptions in the five games he played this season, he was still consider as one of the better blockers in the league.

The plan was to replace Stevens with Taylor Thompson, but Thompson had been battling injures of his own. A prolonged knee injury has put Thompson on injured reserve earlier this week. He is expected to miss the remainder of the season. Like Stevens, Thompson had little stats to show for this season, but he added much needed depth.

The tight ends were an area the Titans felt comfortable with heading into the season, but now, the recent injuries of Thompson and Stevens have drawn major concerns. Earlier this week, the Titans signed tight end Brett Brackett off of the Seahawks practice squad. Brackett had already spent time with the Titans practice squad earlier this season before being picked up by Seattle. Now he will be added to fulfill the roster and replace Thompson.

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