Tennessee Titans Mid-Season Position Grades: Wide Receivers


This week, we will be reviewing each position and grading each Tennessee Titans player based on their performances. We will discuss each position separately, and each player within the positions together. Feel free to leave your comments about our review in the comment section below.

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The Tennessee Titans have really invested in bringing a lot of weapons to the Titans quarterbacks, and they have failed to execute this season. Kendall Wright leads the wide receiver core with 350 receiving yards, but is over 100 yards behind tight end Delanie Walker. So, how poor of production are the receivers compared to the rest of the league? The Steelers Antonio Brown leads the league with 996 receiving yards through the first ten weeks. Now, we may have not expected those kind of statistics before the season, but we expected more than being ranked 24th in the league, averaging 219.9 receiving yards per game. So yes, there is some definite need of improve for the Titans receivers.

D+. I have to be honest, I was completely discussed in Nate Washington’s performances through the first four games of the 2014 season. Even though the ball wasn’t getting to <a href=. WR. Tennessee Titans. NATE WASHINGTON

C-. I also expected more from the guy who led the Titans’ receiving core last season. However, <a href=. WR. Tennessee Titans. KENDALL WRIGHT

Tennessee Titans. JUSTIN HUNTER. C. In his 2nd year in the NFL and as a Titan, <a href=. WR

Tennessee Titans. DEREK HAGAN. B-. He may not have the numbers, but <a href=. WR