It's that time again to breakdown this week's power rankings in the NFL. Titan Sized is ..."/> It's that time again to breakdown this week's power rankings in the NFL. Titan Sized is ..."/>

Titan Sized NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

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It’s that time again to breakdown this week’s power rankings in the NFL. Titan Sized is committed to ranking all 32 teams each NFL week. We will be judgmental, but we won’t be bias in our rankings. So, that means you will not see the Tennessee Titans ranked at number one.

Outside of Titan Nation, there were some really exciting games in the NFL this week. The Dallas Cowboys (3-1) proved this past Sunday that the past few weeks have not been a hoax. Tony Romo went 22/29, threw for 262 yards, and threw 3 TDs. What was even more impressive was Romo was interception free against the Saints. DeMarco Murray is turning in some beastly performances thus far in the season. Against the Saints, he ran for 149 yards on 24 carries, making him only one of four players in NFL history to open a season with four consecutive games with at least 100 rushing yards. This week, we were impressed with Dallas and it will show in our rankings.

The New York Giants seem like they’re back on track to being the New York Giants. Eli Manning went 28/39, 300 total passing yards, 4 TDs, and 1 INT, in route to a 45-17 victory over the Washington Redskins. The Giants have scored 75 points in the last two games and have shown they could be a contender in the NFC East this season. They’re one game behind Dallas and the Philadelphia Eagles (3-1). Another opportunity could rise for the Giants as they host the Atlanta Falcons (2-2) next Sunday.

Another team who impressed us last Sunday was the Titans’ opponent the Indianapolis Colts (2-2). The Colts have scored 85 points in the past two games (thanks to the Titans), making them one of the biggest comeback teams in the NFL prior to week two. The Colts have won two straight and are just one game behind the Houston Texans in the AFC South. Andrew Luck was 29/41, threw for 393 yards, 4 TDs, and 1 INT. But, it was the 35-year old veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne who was the most impressive for the Colts on Sunday. Wayne caught 7 receptions for 119 yards and one touchdown in the game. His touchdown was a spectacular, spinning 28-yard reception down the sideline.

As for the Tennessee Titans, it was not an impressive week. It has only gotten worse for two toned blue football, as the Titans have now lost three straight. Jake Locker seemed to have been the answer for losses in the previous weeks, but that was not the case Sunday as he sat on the sidelines battling a wrist injury. Charlie Whitehurst stepped as a hopeful turnaround, but 177 passing yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT did not cut it for a win. Whitehurst also had struggles with protection from the offensive line as he was sacked three times in the game. For the defense, it was a big struggle for the secondary, who allowed nearly 400 yards and allowed four passes reach the endzone. Questions have and will continue to rise on the production of this team. Who is to blame, we ask?

With out further due, let’s take a look at this week’s Titan Sized NFL Power Rankings. The Titans stay steady in our rankings, which is not good news by the way. Click through the slides to view each team’s ranking. We hope you enjoy.