Tennessee Titans: Win/Loss Predictions for Second-Half of 2014


A couple weeks ago I did an article predicting what the Tennessee Titans could/should expect for their win-loss record for the first-half of the season.  Well, here is the second edition going over the Titans schedule after their BYE week in Week 9.

Here is a look at the second-half of their schedule below. Wins are in bold:

  • WK 9 – BYE
  • WK 10 – Nov 9 – at BAL Ravens
  • WK 11 – Nov 17 – vs PIT Steelers (MNF)
  • WK 12 – Nov 23 – at PHI Eagles
  • WK 13 – Nov 30 – at HOU Texans
  • WK 14 – Dec 7 – vs NY Giants
  • WK 15 – Dec 14 – vs NY Jets
  • WK 16 – Dec 18 – at JAX Jaguars
  • WK 17 – Dec 28 – vs IND Colts

Disclosure: First and foremost, remember these are just predictions. Predictions really carry about as much weight as a tarot card reading by Miss Cleo, but nonetheless, it makes for a fun debate and creates more excitement for the coming season.

The Titans have a tough three-game stretch coming off of the bye week. The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off disappointing seasons and I highly doubt that will be the status quo for this season.  The Titans had a gritty win against the Steelers’ in the season opener last year, but the Steelers just looked bad in that game.  The Titans don’t get much “primetime” so I really hope they can pull off a win in this game considering the Steelers draw so many viewers due to a BIG, dedicated fan base.

The  Philadelphia Eagles are an intriguing game that could really go either way because they are still implementing the ‘Chip Kelly’ offense and released their star receiver DeSean Jackson.

As I stated before, it is crucial that the Titans win the games that they are “supposed” to win and that begins with, at the very minimum, going 3-3 in the division.  The days of going 1-5 or 0-6 better be in the past under Coach Whisenhunt.

The Titans’ strength of schedule was ranked 31st (second easiest), but it’s not that easy.  Some of the teams on their schedule are very good teams that are coming off of bad seasons and aren’t likely to repeat those.

There are many factors such as Locker’s health, Bishop Sankey’s rookie impact, solidarity of the new/improved offensive line, and effectiveness of Ray Horton‘s hybrid defense.

In closing, I have the Titans sitting at 9-7 at the end of the season.  I have the Titans closing out the season on a three-game win streak fighting for a wildcard spot for the playoffs. Even if the Titans miss out on the playoffs due to tie-breaking stipulations, the Titans will finish on a strong note and carry optimism into the offseason and following year.

Please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts and predictions.  Until next time, #TitanUp.