Chris Johnson Vows to Make Tennessee Titans Regret His Release


Chris Johnson recently spoke with Keith Bulluck and Alex Marvez on SiriusXM NFL Radio regarding his feelings toward the Tennessee Titans. As one could imagine, he isn’t very happy with how the organization let him go.

In fact, the new Jet made a vow to the Titans, claiming he would make the organization pay for letting him go.

Johnson’s resentment resides in thinking that he may have missed out on more lucrative deals by missing the beginning of free agency. That’s understandable. Yet, he claims that the organization may have exacted revenge for his lengthy holdout from several seasons ago. That, I can’t truly understand.

From the Titans perspective, they wanted to be absolutely sure they had exhausted all possible trade opportunities. Such opportunities were discussed with several teams, including Johnson’s new home, the New York Jets. However, in working towards what’s “best for the team,” the player can become the victim. That’s what happened here.

Okay – he’s upset. I get it. But what was his holdout all about? Getting more money. What would have happened had the Titans not chosen to pay him? He would have backed out of his commitment, and continued to hold out.

What was the reason for his late release? Well – like I said – asset acquisition. The Titans wanted to be 100% positive that they were going to get nothing in return for #28.

All of this sounds like typical business to me.

Is Johnson a victim? Perhaps. He was denied the full opportunity of free agency, and maybe that did end up costing him a couple million dollars. Is this something that should become a personal vendetta? I’d say not.

Really, how much more would Johnson have received being a 29-year-old back who required offseason knee surgery? I haven’t even noted the overall devaluing of the running back position.

Sure, he’s upset, and that’s fine…but logically, I can’t imagine a scenario where the Titans are bad enough that they regret releasing Johnson.

“You know what this team really needs? Chris Johnson.”

“Gah – I think this team would’ve won 10 games with Chris Johnson!”

Do either of those statements sound plausible? I don’t think so. He’s played pretty spectacularly in his career, and what exactly has that ever done for the Titans?

I’ll refrain from saying that Chris Johnson or the Titans are wrong in this situation. I just think it’s a situation that should’ve been left alone.

Either way, we’ll find out on Dec. 17th, when the New York Jets visit LP Field to take on the Tennessee Titans.

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