Potential 2014 Tennessee Titans Making the Leap: Offense


The Tennessee Titans have one of the NFL’s youngest rosters. Young players can either falter, improve to a solid player, or become a playmaker at his respected position. The Titans have a few young players who have the chance to make this so-called leap. I will not include veterans, because most are proven commodities and their potential has been reached. Yes, a system can make a player more productive, but for the most part after 4-5 seasons, you know what you get with a player.

Kendall Wright

In Wright’s second season, he was the Titans’ leading receiver with 94 catches for 1,079 yards. However, for the amount of catches he had, he scored two touchdowns. Part of this was how Wright got the ball; he wasn’t used much in the red zone and wasn’t given the opportunity to catch the deep ball often, that should change this year. Wright rarely drops a pass, plays with toughness for his size and has the ability to make players miss, giving him the opportunity to gain yards after the catch. Look for Wright to be the Titans’ leading receiver again this season and have his touchdown numbers increase.

Justin Hunter

Hunter will enter his second season with the Titans and has the potential to be an impact player this season. His measurables 6’4”, 200 pounds, and 4.40 40-yard dash speed give him the ability to become special. He made multiple big plays in an extremely limited amount of snaps. Hunter must work on his consistency. He dropped the ball too often and wasn’t always the most crisp route-runner. It has been said before that he is mentally fragile, but let’s remember that Hunter is young and was only a rookie last season. With added size and a year under his belt, his physicality and mental toughness should both be improved. Look for Hunter to be, if nothing else, a serious down- field threat, but he has the ability to do more this season.

Chance Warmack

Warmack was a solid rookie, playing in not only every game last season, but every offensive snap the Titans took. He has already proven he is durable. He made the occasional rookie mistake, but showed the ability to run block and pass protect. This upcoming season he should be a mauler in the run game, giving the the Titans a physical edge that they should have with potentially one of the best offensive lines in football. If Warmack is able to make the leap to an elite interior offensive lineman this would greatly help that cause. At times last year he got embarrassed by the Houston Texans J.J. Watt, but that was not to be unexpected considering Warmack was a rookie facing an All Pro. A huge test and measuring bar for Warmack will be how his play improves against Watt.

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