Tennessee Titans: Michael Oher vs. Taylor Lewan


As the early stages of OTAs are occurring and the Tennessee Titans are getting back to work before the season begins, one particular spot on the Tennessee Titans offense is far from being set in stone.

Many fans were happy about the signing of Michael Oher to help sure up the tackle position moving into next season. Yet, many fans were caught off guard when the Titans selected Michigan OT Taylor Lewan as their first overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Now that the draft hype has went away the lingering question is…will Lewan be an immediate starter for the Tennessee Titans or will Oher step in and start as many expected.

This, in my opinion, is the biggest battle/position to keep an eye on during the offseason. Each of these two players brings pros and cons to the position and either could make for one of the strongest starting lines in the league or could be the kink in an otherwise solid line.

Oher brings experience. He brings the veteran playmaker that fans and staff like to see. We all know that he has the ability, but what has lacked from Oher the last couple of years when he was in Baltimore was his consistency. He was rated one of the lowest tackles in the league last year, which doesn’t bode well for Jake Locker. Oher could be a potential fit immediately or his struggles could continue and the pay the Titans gave him wasted as nothing more than a backup.

Lewan brings talent, an immense talent. This talent could be a stable point on the line for years to come, but is it too early to say that in 2014? Lewan has the build and athleticism you like to see in a tackle, the only thing he has going against him really is Oher. In other words, Lewan’s inexperience could put him at a disadvantage when it comes to playing over Oher.

So the real question the Titans need to answer is who is the better option? Surely offseason workouts and competition will weed these two down to their roles, but you can’t help but wonder who would be the better fit.

If you asked me today who I believe would be the initial starter moving into the 2014 season I would personally give the nod, only very slightly, to Oher. I can’t see them paying that kind of money for him only to have him sit the bench. However, if his play digresses even in the slightest, expect Lewan to get his looks and move into the starting position. Even if Oher doesn’t digress, I still expect Lewan to get his reps throughout the season.

What do Titan Sized readers think? Oher or Lewan?