Titan Sized Interview: GBMWolverine Staff Discusses Taylor Lewan


Kudos to FanSided’s University of Michigan sports blog, GBMWolverine (@GBMWolverine) on participating in a five-question interview with Titan Sized editor Joshua Huffman. A group of three GBMWovlerine staff members addressed the following issues surround Tennessee Titans first-round pick Taylor Lewan:

  • Some Titans fans are concerned about the legal allegations surrounding Taylor Lewan. One of his allegations involves him punching somebody while he was breaking up a fight. Could you give us more information about this and is it something that fans should worry about?
  • Same question as No. 1 but with the allegations of rape threat. Do you expect anything to come from this?
  • What are the attributes that will help Lewan develop into the best offensive tackle from this draft class?
  • The Titans’ AFC South rival, the Houston Texans, used the No. 1 pick on Jadeveon Clowney. Lewan has experienced blocking Clowney from a 2013 bowl game that featured the well-known play of Clowney blowing up the ball-carrier in the backfield. Was Lewan able to hold his own against Clowney? Was Lewan responsible for the play where the ball-carrier got blew up?
  • Anything you’d like to add about Lewan.

GBMWolverine sheds some light on the character issues that following Lewan into Nashville. There’s more to the rumors than rape allegations and fist fights. What makes Lewan a first-round prospect? Will he fulfill that potential at the next level with Tennessee? What did teammates and coaches think of Lewan’s leadership abilities?

Taylor Lewan — A Really Big Question Mark (Written by GBMWolverine Staff)

This article is to shed light for Tennessee Titan fans regarding first-round draft pick, Taylor Lewan. Lewan and Craig Roh came from Arizona to Michigan. And Coach Rodriguez went from Michigan to Arizona. Lewan was highly prized because of his quickness and ability to move in space. It was printed by some sources that Lewan played soccer; this site has never attempted to authenticate that tidbit. Lewan was thought to be capable in a zone scheme and able to get to the next level very well. Both of those attributes ended up as being true predictions.

Lewan came in a little on the light side weight wise but heavy on the athletic end. He worked very hard to build up bulk and is now a good 6’7” and 310 pounds. Lewan has to work to maintain weight at the high end, so he should always be in shape.

He has plenty of positives and plenty of negatives. Why is he a first-round draft pick? First of all, there are few guys his size that can move as well. Having said that, he does not have the best footwork and technique. He has always seemed to know what to do, but gets a little lazy and loses focus. Any scheme that wants Lewan to get to the second level should be rewarded, but sometimes in close hand-to hand combat he gets locked up and neutralized. His run blocking is solid and his pass protection, while not supreme is better than many give credit.

Everyone will remember Lewan for the famous non-block on Clowney that almost got Vinnie Smith renamed the Headless Horseman. So, what happened? This depends on who is to be believed. It was a missed assignment by someone and not really a matter of Clowney beating Lewan that easily.

Taylor Lewan is very smart but still has plenty of overall growth needed to utilize his ability. He knows this and how he grows the next two years may determine if he is a top tackle or another all-you-other that fades out after a short career.

His character has undergone plenty of unsubstantiated but troublesome rumors as well as specific charges. He leaves Ann Arbor with plenty of smoke trailing his backside…

Read the entire interview at GBMWolverine (HERE).

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