New Beginning for Tennessee Titans Has Fans Eager On Eve Of 2014 NFL Draft


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Chance Warmack (Alabama) is introduced as the number ten overall pick to the Tennessee Titans during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Twas’ the night before the 2014 NFL Draft and all NFL fans, Tennessee Titans fan’s included, patiently wait for the big day and what feels like the unwrapping of new gifts and the beginning of a new season.

Tennessee Titans fans are ready to start a new. A new coach, new players and a new system is ready to be unveiled and the NFL Draft is the first real beginning to all of that. Titans fan patiently wait to see what we will do, who we will take and what our roster will look like after the draft days have ended.

As a fellow Tennessee Titans fan myself, I have all of these feelings. The NFL Draft is truly the undeniable mark, the unlabeled “beginning”, of a new season. A new season of watching the men in two-toned blue take the field again is right around the corner.

So why do we as die-hard fans revel at the NFL Draft? What about the draft sparks that “little kid” mentality to come out in all of us?

I really like to put the NFL Draft into one simple word….magical.

Why is it magical you may ask? No Harry Potter isn’t present, but the atmosphere and the stigma that sits around the draft intrigues all of us as fans. We get the chance to see the next great players join our team.  We get to see what could possibly be the beginning of a new dynasty or the beginning of an incredible season that lie ahead.

The NFL Draft epitomizes what the NFL and being a fan of it is all about. Constantly searching and hoping that our team’s staff finds the future players we need to be successful, win the division, make it to the playoffs and to eventually win the Superbowl. That journey for all fans across the NFL begins tomorrow with the picks of college players ready to begin their journey on a new team.

Tennessee Titans fans want to see a difference made from this year’s draft and this year really sticks out because it will be Whisenhunt’s first stint with the Titans and the first class he drafts into the two-toned blue. With that being said, Titans fans are eager, nervous and excited all at the same time for not only what the season ahead holds, but how the start of the draft tomorrow will ring in the new franchise.

So, to all my Tennessee Titans fans, I leave you with this….

Happy NFL Draft Eve and here is to hoping we pick up the pieces we need to move forward, ushering in a new era. May the draft picks be ever in our favor.

The 2014 NFL Draft starts tomorrow at 8/7c p.m. Tune in and see what the Titans decide to do with their first overall pick.