Tennessee Titans: Aaron Murray Prospective Quarterback Pick?


Nov 16, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray (11) throws the ball to running back Todd Gurley (3) during the fourth quarter against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium. The Tigers won 43-38. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally the week of the 2014 NFL Draft and numerous (by that I mean endless) mock drafts have surfaced all trying to relentlessly predict who teams will be taking and the Tennessee Titans are no exception. However, as well all know, these are pokes in the dark and no one really knows just who will pick who and what players will go where.

With that in mind, I won’t bore you with another pointless mock draft, rather a question, comment or even a relative exploratory idea that I have not only seen across the Titans online sphere but was also presented to me by a friend of mine on Twitter. My friend Tucker Hughes, who is an avid Atlanta Falcons fan, tweeted about the prospect of Aaron Murray in the NFL. Then we had a small conversation of him possibly heading to the Titans.

Another interesting aspect to this whole “Aaron Murray to the Titans” movement is that Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean actually has Murray being mocked to the Tennessee Titans in the fourth round. So I would like to dive into this idea a little bit and also engage as to what others think about the idea of the Georgia QB heading to Nashville.

First question to ask…is a QB needed for the Titans?

Well simply put…it would never hurt to add some competition. Time and time again Coach Whisenhunt has been adamant that Jake Locker is the Titans starting quarterback, but adding some friendly competition should never be frowned upon. Not to mention that if Locker were to go down again, Murray provides some insurance in the QB department.

Next question…Is Aaron Murray a strong prospect to draft at all? Is he worth the risk?

Aaron Murray’s stock is low for two particular reasons. The first being his nagging knee injury that is a concern for many teams as the threat of him injuring it again hurts his future outlook. The second is his overall size (as he stands at just over 6’0 tall). The knee thing is a scary impression for Titans fans after dealing with an injury prone Locker for a few years now. However, with the height issue…well look at this past years Superbowl champion QB, Russell Wilson, who is listed standing at 5’11. Size doesn’t always matter.

The knee injury can be deterring, but don’t let that discourage you Titans fans, Aaron Murray is still a great prospect.

Murray was a strong quarterback in the SEC and had his team had a few more pieces his senior year after Georgia was plagued by injuries, he may have seen a lot more success come his way. His productivity in college was to the level of many of the other top-tier quarterbacks in this year’s draft. This bodes well for the Titans as the risk is not as high and he provides good value as he could be anywhere between a third and fifth round pick.

Murray in my opinion would be a very suitable late round pick for the Tennessee Titans if another quarterback option doesn’t take place. He provides great insurance, strong competition and a possible developmental quarterback for later. Only time will tell if the Titans feel the same or not.

What do the readers think of Aaron Murray possible suiting up in two-toned blue? Think he is worth the draft pick? Let me know what you think in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter @Titan_Sized or to me directly @NPitak. Hold your breath Titans fans, we are only a few days away and then all will be revealed.