2014 NFL Mock Draft Countdown: Oakland Raiders, No. 5

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Apr 26, 2013; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie during the 2013 draft press conference at Oakland Raiders headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Titan Sized collaborative 2014 NFL mock draft. Every weekday leading into the May draft, our team of writers will give their analysis and opinions on potential first-round draft prospects and their eventual whereabouts. Barring changes or conflicts, our schedule will go as follows:

Mar. 24-28: Picks 1-5
Mar. 31 – Apr. 4: Picks 6-10
Apr. 7-11: Picks 11-15
Apr. 14-18: Picks 16-20
Apr. 21-25: Picks 21-25
Apr. 28 – May 2: Picks 26-30
May 5-6: Picks 31-32

Here’s a list of writers who’ll participate in our 2014 NFL mock draft project:

Editor: Joshua Huffman
Lead Columnist: Nicholas Pitakos
Contributor: Russell Griffin
Contributor: Matias Wodner
Contributor: Stoney Keeley
Contributor: Matt Ward
Contributor: William Oberst
Contributor: Scotty Bakalian

We’ve reached pick No. 5. This selection belongs to the Oakland Raiders.

Trying to predict what the Raiders will do with their first-round draft pick is like trying to predict which one of your local convenience store’s lottery tickets is the million-dollar winner. The reality is that no matter how much logic or what type of logic you use, the answer isn’t there. Only the Raiders could draft a backup long-snapper and people would shrug it off without the least bit of shock.

Okay…they’re not that unpredictable. Just unpredictable enough to take a kicker with a first-round pick. What’s interesting is that out of all eight of our mock-drafting participants, they came up with seven different potential first-round scenarios. None of them include Khalil Mack or Blake Bortles. These mock draft projections include two quarterbacks, two offensive tackles, two defensive linemen and one wide receiver.

It’s time to examine who the Raiders will select at No. 5.