Titans Twitter Talk: Bulluck vs Kuharsky on CJ Comments


Nov 10, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; A salute to veterans logo on an NFL football during the second half between the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars at LP Field. Jacksonville won 29-27. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Late last week the NFL and media outlets everywhere were eating up the story that Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson was a “me” person on the football field.

This story first broke when former Titans LB Keith Bulluck spoke on the radio in reference to Johnson.  Basically, Bulluck claimed that Johnson was selfish and never held himself accountable.

The story really began to take off after Paul Kuharsky, ESPN’s coverage analyst for Tennessee, published an article that emphasized Bulluck’s comments.

Bulluck had kept quiet on the story until today.  Bulluck tweeted Kuharsky and the two exchanged words in a Twitter war, all while keeping it professional.

Take a look at some of their exchange below:

Some, maybe most, may not be surprised by these comments of Johnson’s character, but for Bulluck to refer to Johnson as a friend and then say “BUT….he is a ‘me’ person” doesn’t look very good – especially for CJ.  The timing couldn’t have been worst with Johnson’s football future at a crossroads as far as what team he will be representing in the coming weeks.

Many present and former football players consider being on a team together as a fraternity, some even go as far to call it a family, so this story painted a picture of betrayal.

I support people for speaking their mind, but timing is everything.  In this instance, the timing was terrible.

And for the record, this isn’t the first time a Titans player has went after Kuharsky on the social network.  Pending unrestricted free agent WR Kenny Britt gave PK all he could handle about midway through the season when he directed negative comments toward Britt’s play, or lack there of.

What are your thoughts on this exchange of words between PK and Bulluck? Do you think Bulluck is justified in being upset by the way Kuharsky glorified this story? Or do you think Kuharsky is justified for telling Bulluck to stand by his statement?