Tennessee Titans: TN-Time 7-Round NFL Draft, Offense (97-13)

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Round 7: Marc Mariani (2010)

Aug 8, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Marc Mariani (83) returns a kick against the Washington Redskins during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Not much here. You could replace Marc Mariani with Eugene Amano. Regardless, Mariani had a couple solid seasons as a return specialist. Injuries have kept him off the football field for almost all of the last two seasons. The Titans must decide if they’re willing to give him a chance to make the 2014-15 team.

Other Offensive Picks: Kevin Long (1998), Mike Green (2000), Wes Shivers (2000), Darrel Hill (2002), Todd Williams (2003), Eugene Amano (2004), Sean McHugh (2004), Quinton Ganther (2006), Mike Otto (2007), Ryan Durand (2009)