Five Quarterbacks the Tennessee Titans Should Target in 2014 NFL Draft

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Aaron Murray (Georgia)

Like Mettenberger, Murray was on the rise on scouts’ draft boards before sustaining a late-season knee injury. Because of that, no one will get a close look at him leading into the draft, and will have to assess his value based solely on game tape.

What a novel idea, right? If that’s the case, Murray still has a realistic shot at being a second or third round pick, thanks to some big games against stiff competition, as well as good arm strength and the ability to manage games. Unfortunately, Murray is undersized and is not anywhere close to an elite athlete. Other quarterbacks have been called elite in the NFL without either good size or athleticism, though, so we can’t write Murray off. If the Titans decide not to, either, he could be an interesting pick in Round 3.