Tennessee Titans: Prospective 2014 NFL Draft Targets


As May approaches mock drafts and speculations about the 2014 NFL Draft will start to ramp up. A lot of the prospects will be shuffled up and down the boards based on the upcoming combine, and also based on their off-field actions between now and May.

Looking ahead to a new era in Nashville as the Tennessee Titans switch their stance from coaching and front office improvements, the roster will become the focal point of evaluations, improvements, cuts, and additions.

The Titans hold the 11th overall pick in the draft and I am positive that linebacker is the certain choice. The University of Alabama ILB C.J Mosley is the player I have my sights set on. Mosley is a speedy, scrappy, and ultra athletic young man that could revamp the position, which is considerably our worst position.

Mosley was the 2014 Butkus Award recipient for being the nation’s top linebacker. He has prototype skills and is a tackling machine. Mosley has all the intangibles – high football IQ, excellent vision, coach ability, etc.

With the 2014 NFL Draft I really have my eyes locked in on defense. The Seattle Seahawks have the ultimate blueprint. They come on game day locked and loaded with the fiercest defense we have seen in nearly 20 years. I am a huge fan of Russell Wilson, but he will never have to or need to put up Drew Brees or Peyton Manning type numbers to win. They pound the ball with Marshawn Lynch, throw only when they need too, and let their defense dominate the game to control the clock.

It’s more realistic for the Titans to build on their big defensive gains from 2013 rather than trying to build a prolific offense. The Titans have some quality players on offense – Kendall Wright, Delanie Walker, rookie Justin Hunter, a (healthy) Jake Locker, and a hopefully retained Chris Johnson.

Someone else I actually think should be on the Titans radar, especially a couple rounds deep into the draft is the guy who has been in the headlines all week – DE Michael Sam. Say what you want about the guy, but judging him on the only thing that matters when it comes to FOOTBALL is that he has talent. Players don’t ear the SEC Defensive Player of the Year Award for nothing.

The only downside to Sam is that it would be a media circus for at least the first year he is in the league. If the Titans do what they should in the draft (address the linebacker position in Round 1) and then draft OT David Stewart’s replacement, going after a defensive end makes most sense.

We have a new era of Titans football on the horizon and hopefully we can continue to draft good players that have immediate impacts. The Titans truly aren’t that far off. If we can start beating the teams we SHOULD be beating, and staying competitive with the NFL’s elite, we are on the brink of a breakthrough.

I mean, we did only lose to the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks by seven points in the loudest stadium in the country.