Yet ANOTHER 2014 NFL Mock Draft, Complete 1st Round, V 1.0

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No. 2 St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

When I first started this mock draft, I had the Rams and Browns swapping their high first-round picks. Via the trade value chart, a projected trade would’ve included the No. 2 (2,600 points) for No. 4 (1,800 points), No. 26 (700 points) and either a 2014 mid-round pick or 2015 high-round pick (more likely). The Browns block Jacksonville from taking Bridgewater / Manziel.

Then I eliminated trade-ups / trade-downs. So the Rams stay put at No. 2. The Rams could go three ways with this pick:

  • Offensive tackle (Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson)
  • Playmaker (Sammy Watkins, Clowney although they’re loaded on the defensive line)
  • Trade-Down

I’m hesitant on giving St. Louis an offensive tackle with such a luxury pick. They could take one at No. 13. While they’re desperate for an outside option to complement Tavon Austin in the slot, they’ll have solid available options with Marqise Lee, Kelvin Benjamin and maybe even Mike Evans.

The Rams take offensive tackle, although they’d love to trade back around 4-8, accumulate more picks, then draft an offensive tackle / wide receiver.