Yet ANOTHER 2014 NFL Mock Draft, Complete 1st Round, V 1.0

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Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the stage before the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

You’re probably similar to me and already thinking “Another 2014 NFL Mock Draft?”

Yup. Another mock draft.

Super Bowl XLVIII ended one week ago. There’s approximately three months before draft day. Yet, you’ve probably already seen 71,946 different mock drafts that each have their own variation of what will happen during the 2014 NFL Draft. When all is said and done, the Internet will consist of tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of different mock drafts.

None of them will be correct. Very few have 75-percent accuracy (24-of-32). Most of them won’t even be half-correct. Mel Kiper, Jr., Todd McShay and all the other draft virtuosos will change their top-five picks on nearly every projection. Draft day arrives and the experts realize that their projected No. 4 pick from the mid-March version 7.32 mock draft was dead-on. They shouldn’t have changed it in future mock drafts.

Have you ever enrolled in a beginner’s to computer science information programming course (likely C++)? More than half the dummies fail it—at least where I went to college. That’s kind of like how mock drafts are. Even after giving everyone a 20-percent grade curve, most of the class still hasn’t reached that 60-percent requirement to achieve a passing grade of D-. Similar logic applies to NFL Draft grade distributors who put their final marks before players have even taken a practice snap. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson knows what’s up.

Mock drafts are great for speculation. They’re addicting for those who put them together. But if you’re reading mock drafts so you know who your team will draft months ahead of time? Well, you’re more likely to learn who your team will NOT draft.

This slideshow is the first of numerous 2014 NFL mock drafts from Titan Sized. We’ll have individualized and collaborated mock drafts from contributors, staff writers and the editor. Who will the Tennessee Titans draft with the No. 11 pick? How may the draft board look following picks No. 1-10? What will/should the other AFC South rivals do with their picks?

Please note that this mock draft excludes trade-ups and trade-downs. That keeps things simpler. Of course, the likelihood of an entire first round without a trade-swap is unimaginable. So like most early mock drafts, I haven’t even started and I’m already off to a bad start. It’s like I forgot to put my name on the scantron. Good thing I don’t play the Tennessee Lottery. P.S. Thanks for the college education though.