Titan Sized Radio 11/5 Podcast, Mini-Transcript with Dee Jay Silver


Dee Jay Silver: Titan Sized Radio 11/5 Transcript

On Nov. 5, Tennessee Titans Official DJ Dee Jay Silver joined co-hosts Justin Graver and John Sciarretta on Titan Sized Radio. Silver talked about sports, music and the upcoming Nov. 10 game where he’ll play some of his sets vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. All listeners are encouraged to go out to the game and hear a sampling of what country sounds like when it’s mixed with dance beats. You can check out one of his Spotify playlists here.

Below is a transcript of the first three minutes from that interview. You can listen to it in its entirety at Blog Talk Radio on the following link. Dee Jay Silver joins the conversation at around the 16:15 mark. The entire interview is approximately 10 minutes.

Interviewer: Justin Graver
Interviewee: Dee Jay Silver


Justin: Dee Jay Silver, how are you doing tonight?

Dee Jay Silver: Real good man, how are you guys?

Justin: I’m doing great

John: I’m doing good. Nice to have you here, Dee Jay Silver.

Dee Jay Silver: Well I appreciate you guys having me. I’ve been looking forward to it.

Justin: Yea we appreciate you coming on.

Justin: So you’re the official DJ of the Tennessee Titans. Can you tell our listeners what that means exactly?

Dee Jay Silver: You know, I start the game off, I finish the halftime, I do the third downs, the kickoffs, and just anytime that I get the cue to get the crowd hyped up and into the game. My job is to get the players amp’ed up and to keep the crowd into it at the dead time.

Justin: You’re gonna be playing this Sunday at LP Field for the Titans game against the Jaguars. Is that right?

Dee Jay Silver: Yea, I can’t wait to get back. I’ve been out on tour with Jason Aldean and I missed the last couple  home games. I’m really excited to get back. I’ll be out here the rest of the year but like I said I missed the last couple. It’s always a good time to get back to Nashville, for sure.

Justin: Can you tell us a little bit about your style of music? I understand you mix country and hip hop and blend them together for upbeat, up-pumping songs. Is that right?

Dee Jay Silver: Yeah. I’m the first DJ to ever get signed to a country record label and I’m the first DJ to ever have a country remix album put out. Basically, I’ve been a club DJ my entire life. Then i got hired by Aldean. My job is just to get the crowd crazy and busy for Jason before he hits the stage. The crowds now are so diverse that you have to put it all together to connect with everybody. Basically, keeping the music upbeat, familiar, and keep the party going.

Justin: That’s cool. Do you mind telling us how you got started, how you got involved with Jason Aldean? That’s an awesome guy to be touring with.

Dee Jay Silver: I was out on tour with rapper Nelly from St. Louis. I did all his Pimp Juice  stuff. I was touring all around the country. I took time off and played in Vegas. I did a remix of ‘She’s Country’ with Nelly’s ‘Country Grammar’. His agent heard it at the time and brought Jason to the club that I was playing at (Tabu). Long story short, Kevin Neal is his agent, which is now my agent, and introduced me to Jason. Four years later, we’re still going.

Justin: That’s awesome, congrats on that.

Dee Jay Silver: It’s an absolute honor to see how far that it’s come. When I started doing country remixes…

Check out the full interview HERE. Dee Jay Silver joins the conversation at around the 16:15 mark. The entire interview is approximately 10 minutes.

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LP Field Performance Dates: Nov. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 15, Dec. 29.