Tennessee Titans: Midseason Grades By Position

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Quarterbacks: B-

Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If I were only grading Jake Locker, this grade would be significantly higher. The third-year quarterback is in the top 10 of the league in both passer rating and total QBR and he has the best touchdown to interception ratio (8-to-1) of all quarterbacks with at least 150 attempts. His completion percentage and yards per attempt – 61.8 and 6.89, respectively – still have room for improvement, but Locker is off to the best start of his career by far.

Unfortunately, this grade is being dragged down by Ryan Fitzpatrick. The turnover-prone backup quarterback had only two touchdowns in the 11 quarters he played this season, but four interceptions. Three of those picks came in the fourth quarter of a one score game, making Fitzpatrick directly responsible for the team’s losses to Kansas City and Seattle.

Combining his knack for throwing the game away, literally, with his lackluster 52.6 completion percentage, Fitzpatrick single handedly makes the Titans’ quarterback situation look worse.