Kenny Britt Is a Lost Cause, Tennessee Titans Must Move On Without Him


Aug 3, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt on the sideline during training camp at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Potential can make you rich. Just ask Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt. For four-plus seasons, the former 2009 first-round pick has cashed an NFL paycheck. He has been all-but-guaranteed a spot as one of the Titans’ top wide receivers on the depth chart.

Nine police incidents, multiple social media imbroglios, inconsistent effort, drops, penalties, and other maturity issues. People will put up with it as long as Britt fools this organization—and many fans—into believing that he’s primed to become their version of Dez Bryant.

Potential is nothing more than perception. Perception isn’t reality. It’s time for management to comes to its senses and realize that the Britt era must end this week. It should’ve ended no later than when Justin Hunter came down with that 34-yard game-winning touchdown reception.

It ends now. Please

When the Titans hosted the Kansas City Chiefs, Britt may have had his worst professional game. Targeted six times, Britt had one reception for nine yards. Three of his five misconnections were dropped passes. One came on a should’ve-been first down. One came on a perfect pitch-and-catch in the end zone. Ryan Fitzpatrick puts the back-shoulder throw on his numbers for a—drop. That drop cost this offense four points and momentum.

Britt needs to go. The Titans are trying to win games, not Britt’s confidence. Any wide receiver they put out there will do better. They don’t even have to catch the football. Anyone who can avoid false starts, holding penalties in key situations, and Twitter outbursts would provide an upgrade. 

No more blaming Britt. If Britt continues to play, then it’s on the coaches. How Britt stayed in the game after that first drop is beyond my understanding. It defies logic. Is he some type of Calvin Johnson and Jerry Rice hybrid at practice? This isn’t Ruston Webster’s draft pick so the first-round status shouldn’t play a role here.

According to Titan Insider, the Titans will reassess Britt’s role. If that doesn’t include “release,” trade,’ or “injured reserve,” then it’s not good enough. How would he respond to a demotion down the depth chart? Don’t want him to become a team cancer.

Whatever. Stop playing Britt. Move on. Please don’t let him have that one game that tricks everyone into wanting to give him a multimillion-dollar extension.

SOURCES: ESPN, Titan Insider