Titans vs. Jets: 6 Questions with The Jets Press Editor Alan Schechter

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Joshua: A bit off topic, but worth asking. When the New York Jets released Tim Tebow, there were a lot of Titans fans who wanted the organization to sign him. Not just as a depth player but as competition for Jake Locker. You witnessed the fiasco that ensued with Tebow plus the New York media. What are your opinions of the Bible Belt’s favorite quarterback?

Aug 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; A overside cut of of New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow (not pictured) in the stands prior to a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Alan: Josh, be happy your team didn’t bring him in.  There are many problems with that guy.  First of all, anything he does well is far overshadowed by the distractions that he brings.  Despite the fact that he typically ends up as a backup, the media won’t go away.  You would have even had the problems down there.  Every player gets questioned about Tim Tebow.  When will he play?  What’s he like?  Obviously it was to a higher degree here in NY, but you would still have to endure it.

Secondly, he isn’t very good at, what’s it called?  Yeah I know.  PLAYING QUARTERBACK.  When you watch him play, you learn he isn’t a quarterback in this league.  He is nowhere near accurate enough, and doesn’t deserve to start.  However, his throng of fans follow him, and don’t care about anything or anyone else but him.  They would watch the games praying for an injury so their hero could play.  It’s ridiculous, and it should be kept away from our fan bases til the end of time.