How Does Trent Richardson to Indianapolis Colts Impact Tennessee Titans?


Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson (33) runs the ball against the Baltimore Ravens during the second half at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens won 14 – 6. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Apr. 26, 2012
Cleveland Browns trade picks No. 4, 118, 139 and 211 to Minnesota Vikings. Vikings give pick No. 3. Browns draft Trent Richardson.

Sep. 18, 2013
Cleveland Browns trade Trent Richardson to Indianapolis Colts. Colts give 2014 first-round pick.

That noise was a collective groan from Tennessee Titans fans who just realized that, if Richardson can stay healthy, the Colts may have acquired their franchise running back for what’s expected as a first-round pick in the 20s.

What a bombshell. The Browns are like those Madden gamers who quit/freeze online games whenever they get down 7-0 halfway into the first quarter. Two weeks into the 2013-14 NFL season and the Browns are quitting? No one in the AFC North made it out of Week 2 with an undefeated record.

What can Colts fans expect from Richardson? He’s an oft-injured running back who’s had success when healthy. Couple impressive notes about him:

"Trent Richardson has had 14 players miss tackles on him on his 31 carries; tied for the most in the league.— Nathan Jahnke (@PFF_NateJahnke) September 18, 2013"

"Trent Richardson’s Elusive Rating of 101.9 is the second best in the league.— Nathan Jahnke (@PFF_NateJahnke) September 18, 2013"

"Richardson’s biggest weakness is pass protection. He’s allowed 5 pressures which is most for RBs in 2013, but that is what Bradshaw is for.— Nathan Jahnke (@PFF_NateJahnke) September 18, 2013"

A few days ago, the Colts placed Vick Ballard on the injured reserve with a torn ACL. That put the majority of the workload on Ahmad Bradshaw, who just recovered from offseason foot surgery. The Colts wanted more balance and depth behind Bradshaw. Donald Brown is also on the roster.

This gives the Colts another weapon for when they face the Titans in their two AFC South games later this year. Both teams enter Week 3 with a 1-1 record. It’s a bit early to dictate how the Titans defense will respond or whether Richardson will remain healthy.The Titans already have to deal with Arian Foster, Ben Tate and Maurice Jones-Drew. When those players are on, they’re among the NFL’s elite ball-carriers.

How long will it take a new running back to get familiar with the offensive scheme? Will Richardson breakout behind an injured and suspect offensive line? Does this help Andrew Luck take the next step in his progression?

One thing’s for certain: this move can’t hurt the Colts in 2013. Maybe they sacrificed a bit of their future. For a 22-year-old running back who was one of the top prospects since Adrian Peterson? It’s worth the risk.

All one can say for the Browns is that they’re stockpiling draft picks for next year’s draft.  That team needs a lot of help, not just a franchise quarterback. Their original first-round pick will get a quarterback. Expect them to wheel-and-deal other draft picks for quantity or quality of players.

How concerned are Titan Sized readers with this trade? Does this make them a favorite for one of the AFC wild cards? Were they already better than the Titans before this trade? Discuss in the comments, Twitter or Facebook.

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