Tennessee Titans: Why They’re the NFL’s Most Underrated Team


Tennessee Titans: Why They’re the NFL’s Most Underrated Team

Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are coming off a disappointing 6-10 showing last year and think they are a poised to make a nice run into the playoffs this year.  We’ve heard a lot of talk from the team and its coaches about how much better this year will be.  At the beginning of training camp, Mike Munchak said to the media, “We will not disappoint you this year.”  Well I hope you’re right Mike, because the national media seems to think that “disappointing” is exactly what this team will be.

According to the ESPN power rankings, the Titans are ranked 27th of 32 teams. Many Vegas odds-makers have the Titans at 150:1 odds to win the Super Bowl.  For those that aren’t familiar with sports gambling, this means that if I bet $10 on the Titans winning the Superbowl, I would get 1,500 dollars if they won.

Obviously, Vegas and ESPN aren’t banking on the Titans winning too many games at all.  Are they overrated? Are we viewing this team with a big pair of two-toned blue shaded glasses?

The simple answer is no.

Although Vegas has a lot to lose on how correct their lines are, they aren’t around all 32 teams throughout training camp and can only pick lines based on roster moves and what they’ve seen in the preseason.   Many of the Titans’ offseason moves have been low-key nationally because the biggest additions are on the offensive line.  We all know ESPN doesn’t give much coverage to roster moves unless they’re sexy.  This team’s identity is totally different from last year and it’s mostly gone unnoticed nationally.

The power rankings are a bit different from Vegas lines because the analysts that establish these rankings don’t really have a dog in the hunt.  In a way, these rankings are more honest than the Vegas odds because they are completely objective.  Last year, the Washington Redskins ranked 24th and the Seattle Seahawks ranked 20th in the Week 1 power rankings. We’ll see if they’ve stepped their game up this season.

The Titans aren’t getting any respect nationally. While we still have to see the product they put on the field on Sundays, I have a hard time believing they will be that bad with the personnel changes and attitude adjustments they have made in the offseason.