Tennessee Titans: Pro Football Focus Predicts 8-8 Season, Depends on Jake Locker


Jul 30, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Brit (18) catches a pass and looses his helmet as he is tackled by safety Michael Griffin (33) as guard Fernando Velasco (61) and defensive end Derrick Morgan (91) look on during training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park . Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus has completed their 2013 NFL regular-season preview for the Tennessee Titans. Michael Renner gives five reasons each for confidence and concern. Renner completes his column with his expectations for the two-toned blue. This is a must-read preview for anyone who’s looking for an unbiased evaluation.

Here’s the complete preview. Below is a listing that includes all of his reasons and final expectations. Check the link to see explanations on each of those bullet points.

Five Reasons to be Confident

  • Another Year of Development
  • Changing of the Guards
  • Vast Four
  • Deep at WR
  • Late Bloomer

Five Reasons to be Concerned

  • Quarterback Driven League
  • Hot Potato
  • ‘Safe’ties
  • Which Chris Johnson?
  • Wrapping Up

What to Expect?

The Titans are getting almost no national media buzz this preseason, which is to be expected from a team coming off of a 6-10 season. This year’s squad has more talent than a six-win club, though. An elite quarterback would transform the Titans into Super Bowl contenders overnight and that’s the biggest takeaway here. All expectations begin and end with one Jake Locker. He may not have to put up gaudy stats, but he must be more efficient than he’s been so far in his career for the Titans to have a shot at the playoffs. I believe this is an 8-8 ball club that could tilt either way depending on the development over last season of the man under center.

All fair points. The Titans must eliminate dropped passes, missed tackles and bad runs from Chris Johnson. It’s crucial that Jake Locker stays healthy and reaches the next phase in his development. Unless this team can do these things consistently and against top-tier opponents, then an 8-8 season is likely.

What do our readers think about this preview? Does Pro Football Focus have it right? Are they displaying too much optimism or pessimism toward this team? Discuss in the comments, Twitter or Facebook.