Tommie Campbell vs. Alterraun Verner: Who Wins No. 2 Cornerback Job?


Aug 17, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu (12) breaks for the corner of the end zone and catches a pass in the end zone for a touchdown against Tennessee Titans cornerback Tommie Campbell (37) at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp battles are coming to an end. Typically, coaches want to have their starters set for that third preseason game. That lets all the starters have one half (or a little longer) to play together as a unit. Those same starters will probably play one series in the preseason finale. Then comes the real games: Week 1.

One job that hasn’t been decided: Tennessee Titans No. 2 cornerback. Does anyone believe that Tommie Campbell has come close to outplaying Alterraun Verner for that starting cornerback job opposite Jason McCourty?

I’ve searched through tweets, message board posts, comments on other fan blogs and Facebook. Only one person has come out and claimed that this competition is “too close to call.” His name: Mike Munchak. According to Munchak (via The Tennessean):

It is one of those things where you always want to see guys separate and make things easy for us. But when guys are playing around the same, you are still evaluating what’s the best for the team and that decision hasn’t been made yet.

Munchak plans to have Campbell and Verner each play one quarter with the first team when they face the high-powered Atlanta Falcons offense on Aug. 24. Roddy White has an ankle sprain that may keep him out for the remainder of the preseason. That would leave Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez as their top weapons.

It appears as though the Titans really—and I mean really—want Campbell to outright win that No. 2 cornerback job. Verner spent most of last game (Aug. 17) playing against second, even third-teamers during the fourth quarter of a 27-19 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. He may have hurt his case when he allowed a couple big plays against his assigned receiver.

Here’s the problem: Campbell hasn’t looked that effective in either of his performances. Washington Redskins No. 3 quarterback Rex Grossman worked his side of the field en route to one of the Redskins’ three touchdown drives. Campbell allowed another touchdown to an A.J. Green-less Bengals offense.

What do you think about Campbell? Are you someone who thinks that Campbell has outplayed Verner? Is secondary among your top list of Week 1 concerns? Discuss in the comments, Twitter or Facebook.