Tennessee Titans Job Security Fan Approval Poll Results, Preseason

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Jerry Gray Job Approval Rating: 51.20 Percent

Joshua Huffman

Poll Link: HERE.
Median: 55 Percent ((60 + 50) / 2)
Mode: 0 Percent
Editor: 50 Percent

Editor Note
Here’s a defensive coordinator who’s coming off a season when his team surrendered a franchise-worst 471 points. Ugly sights include safeties dropping back way too far into coverage and Dante Rosario catching three touchdown receptions. Rosario wouldn’t make some rosters as a No. 3 tight end.

Gray has help now that the Titans hired a former colleague—Gregg Williams—to serve as a defensive assistant. If Gray’s defense doesn’t get the job done in September, he may need to start looking over his shoulder. Should he start doing that now?