Tennessee Titans Job Security Fan Approval Poll Results, Preseason

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Mike Munchak Job Approval Rating: 79.06 Percent

Joshua Huffman

Poll Link: HERE.
Median: 85 Percent
Mode: 100 Percent
Editor: 60 Percent

Editor Note
Munchak was forced into an uncomfortable situation when Jeff Fisher was fired after the 2010-11 season. He didn’t have much time to find quality coaches. Along with Chris Palmer and Gray, Munchak got stuck with a bunch of coaches who don’t remain with the organization. That’s not a solid combination for a head coach who’s very reliant on the rest of his coaching staff.

No excuses remain. Munchak has had time to revamp his staff and personnel toward his philosophy. Continually losing road games to the Jacksonville Jaguars and 0-13 Indianapolis Colts teams—that must stop. It’s critical that his team remains competitive and doesn’t lay down whenever they get behind. It wasn’t as much about the 6-10 record as it was the double-digit losses.

It’s time for Munchak to prove that he’s an NFL-caliber head coach. Even as an optimistic realist, this editor has his doubts.