5/24 Greater Tennessee Titan Poll: Chris Johnson vs. Eddie George



Jul. 21, 2012; South Bend, IN, USA; Eddie George of Ohio State is introduced at the College Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Dinner at the Century Center. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the dead period. NFL offseason news has come to a grinding halt. For the next two months, the Tennessee Titans will prepare for the 2013-14 NFL season. Don’t expect many roster transactions or much juicy news until training camp starts in late July.

What does that mean for Titan Sized? We don’t close shop during this period. There are plenty of evergreen topics to cover and discuss over the team’s history. Reviewing offseason moves, previews and predictions for the upcoming season, roster projections, editorials and continued coverage of any breaking news story that affects the Titans or one of their AFC South rivals.

Last week, Titan Sized asked the question, “Who Is the Greatest Tennessee Titan.” Here were the results. With 57 of the 117 votes (48.72 percent), Steve McNair unsurprisingly won in a landslide. It eliminated any logic for holding an eight-player tournament to decide who the greatest Titan was; McNair would’ve beaten anyone he faced.

Coming in second place was Chris Johnson. Johnson had 18 votes. Eddie George came in third place with 13 votes. While this may surprise some old-school Titans enthusiasts, I had an explanation for the result and suggested that Johnson wouldn’t beat out George if it were a head-to-head voting matchup:

Does this mean that Johnson is the Second-Greatest Titan? Although Johnson finished in second place, he probably wouldn’t receive more votes than George in a head-to-head “Who is the Greater Titan” matchup. The thing with Johnson is that he’s a “love him or hate him” type of player. After reviewing conversations on Twitter, it was obvious that many McNair voters had George as their No. 2 option. Johnson may have the better chance at No. 1 votes but George would have the advantage at getting his face on Mount Rushmore (most top four votes).

Here’s the question that I pose to all readers and fans: At this stage of Johnson’s career, who was the greater Tennessee Titan between George and him? If you could put one face on Mount Rushmore and the only two choices were George and Johnson, who gets the nod? Who meant more to this franchise? Who meant more to the community? When you think of the Titans, which of these two players bring back your most fond memories?

Eddie George (1996-2003)
Yards: 10,009 Yards (1st)
Touchdowns: 64 (2nd)
Avg: 3.7 Yards per Carry

Chris Johnson (2008-Current)
Yards: 6,888 Yards (3rd)
Touchdowns: 44 (3rd)
Average: 4.7 Yards per Carry