Tennessee Titans Fans Don’t Want Tim Tebow and His Cult—Right?


Dec. 23, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) leads a prayer after the game against the San Diego Chargers at MetLife Stadium. Chargers won 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine if Peyton Manning had signed with the Tennessee Titans. Few things would’ve created more commotion among the fan base and the Middle Tennessee community, especially in Nashville. No other free-agent quarterback could’ve created such a frenzy. Some businesses were getting downright delusional when they tried to bribe Manning with their offerings (e.g. free pancakes, MoonPies). 

No other player would have that type of circus following them around in Nashville. Maybe the closest that anyone would come: Tim Tebow.

On Apr. 29, the New York Jets released Tebow. At age 25, the third-year veteran has been dismissed from two teams. After a 2011-12 NFL season when Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a divisional playoff appearance, he was traded to the Jets. The Jets used him as a special-teams player and No. 3 quarterback. In one season, this special-teams player and No. 3 quarterback earned more media attention than some starting quarterbacks do during their entire careers.

Located in the heart of SEC country, there are Nashvillians who’d love to see Tebow return to the Southeast, the area where Tebow—with help from the media—made himself into a national phenomenon. Part of that came from winning two BCS Championships with the University of Florida. Part of that comes with his off-field behavior and a religious background that adheres to many Bible Belt followers.  

What these fans can’t agree on: who should Tebow play for? Could Tebow become a key positional player or starting quarterback for the Titans? Or do these fans just want to see the Jaguars try to win with Tebow as their quarterback? Simply put, they foresee it as two divisional freebies.  

December 23, 2012; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A Jacksonville fan holds up a sign referencing trading New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (not pictured) to the Jaguars during the second half of the game against the New England Patriots at EverBank Field. The Patriots defeated the Jaguars 23-16. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Many different opinions exist on Tebow and his future NFL career. Some point toward his career 47.9-percent completion percentage as evidence that Tebow isn’t capable of becoming a starting quarterback at this level. An argument against this is that he just wins. Some believe that he has the physique to become a quality tight end or fullback.

The Titans already appear to have their quarterback depth chart set: Jake Locker, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Rusty Smith. With so many new additions from free agency and the 2013 NFL Draft, this team will have a hard enough time trying to develop a chemistry before a difficult seven-game opening to their 2013-14 schedule. Now add Tebow and his cult’s non-stop demands that he dethrones Locker as the starting quarterback before Week 1.

Let’s make this clear: Tebow-to-Titans will never happen with this regime. Nor should it. With that said, it won’t stop some discussion on the hypothetical

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