The Tennessee Titans Could Still Sign John Abraham


Could the Titans Staff Have One More Trick Up Their Sleeve?

Nov 18, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham (55) takes the field with the defense before the game against the Arizona Cardinals at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons defeated the Cardinals 23-19. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

The second round move by the Tennessee Titans to move up and grab UT’s Justin Hunter showed how badly they think the offense needs help.  Perhaps it shows an immense amount of faith in Gregg Williams and his abilities to bring pressure through schemes.  Either way, the Titans have done nothing to address their need for depth at the defensive end position either in free agency, or the first half of the draft.

In this article by Paul Kuharsky, you’ll find the biggest problem with the Titans current end rotation is that there isn’t one.  Morgan and Wimbley each played 80% of the snaps due to the lack of depth behind them.  That is just too much.  A solid rotation at that position can keep guys fresh and therefore more effective.

Obviously the draft didn’t fall in a manner that the Titans management felt comfortable taking a rookie prospect early on, but the Titans do need to address the issue.  Could they have another trick up their sleeve?  Ruston Webster and Mike Munchak have truly wowed fans this off-season and may not be done yet.

Enter John Abraham.

Yes Abraham is “old” at 34, but as we’ve pointed out before, his production is still off the charts.  It’s not like he’s just a name at this point in his career, and has had at least 10 sacks in each of his last 3 years.  Abraham would also bring a solid veteran presence to the locker room, something the Titans have made no secret of wanting.  It seems that Abraham is holding out for either the “perfect fit” or enough money to make another year or two worth it.

The addition of Justin Hunter so early on, combined with the free agent pick up of Kevin Walters, could make Nate Washington and his $4M salary expendable.  The offensive line additions and Chance Warmack certainly make Eugene Amano expendable.  With the Titans already under the cap enough to sign their incoming rookie class, these two moves would free up enough money to bring John Abraham into the fold.

The draft isn’t over yet, and I’m hopeful that the Titans can still pick up Texas defensive end Alex Okafor, but even so, the odds of immediate or even long term contribution decrease strongly at the back end of the draft.  Ayers could also see a lot more time at defensive end in various schemes, especially with the addition of OLB rookie Zaviar Gooden.  I don’t see any reason to not continue and upgrade the team at every possible position, and Abraham would be a great presence on and off the field.

Hopefully they are on the phone with his agent right now.

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