2013 NFL Draft: Tennessee Titans Dream Draft


Oct 13, 2012; Shreveport, LA, USA; Louisiana Tech Bulldogs wide receiver Quinton Patton (4) makes a leaping catch during the game against the Texas A

The 2013 NFL Draft brings hope to many.  What’s your Tennessee Titans dream draft?

As the grains of sand slowly fall through the hourglass in counting down to the 2013 NFL Draft, I think it’s time for everyone to get their opinion out there and on the record.  The Titans have done a wonderful job in free agency by addressing a good many of their needs, and at least creating depth and competition at other spots as well.  The stable isn’t full, however, and the Titans are still looking to the draft for players to be contributing on opening day.

The draft isn’t simply about filling your teams greatest needs in order, or about getting the most “value” at a pick either.  There’s a delicate balance and dance that takes place as teams attempt to address the most needs and roster concerns as possible as the rounds progress.  Example: Would you take an A+ player followed by a B- player, both at positions of need, or would you rather take an A- player and a B+ player at the same positions?  What about two “A” players but only one is at a position of need.  And so on…

That being said, here is my  2013 DREAM DRAFT for the Titans after carefully weighing out all of the previously mentioned concerns.  I tried to carefully weigh risk with reward and as well to be realistic about who may or may not still be available in the later rounds.  I only picked through their supplemental 3rd round, as my knowledge takes a major nose dive on the players beyond that point.

So without further ado:

Round 1)  Chance Warmack – I am not a risk taker in life.  I like the turtle and savings accounts.  There is relatively zero risk here and fills a huge need for the team.  Let CJ and Locker do their thing and put a bulldozer in front of them.  There isn’t a defensive lineman at the top of this draft that I feel is as ready for day one as Warmack is, or that can guarantee me the return I will get with him.  Yes, there is high potential for a few of them, but personally, I am tired of potential.

Round 2)  Johnathan Banks – (Caveat: If Keenan Allen is still here for some reason, which I don’t think will happen, then I whole heartedly endorse that pick.) Johnathan Banks slipped after a slow 40 at the combine, but would otherwise have been the 2nd CB taken.  I am more concerned with the way guys play on the field than run in shorts.  Gray and Williams will continue to run confusing looks in the defense which means a lot of zone scheme.  Banks is probably the best zone CB in the draft.  Perfect fit for the Titans who really need a 3rd corner for nickel and ruby packages.

Round 3) Alex Okafor – Okafor’s ceiling may not be as high as the first round DE’s but his base level is still pretty good.  He excels against the run and can still get up field after the quarterback.  Gray likes guys that aren’t one trick ponies and Okafor would be a great 2 down player at the least.  He would join the rotation at DE and give Morgan/Wimbley/ Ayers better looks on passing downs.

*Okafor has been rising up boards lately in mock drafts.  If you think this is “unrealistic” then move Okafor to the 2nd round for the Titans and pick up Poyer as a CB in the 3rd.   I would probably be equally happy with this outcome.

Round 3 supplemental) Quinton Patton  – Patton is probably the best of the second tier at receiver and can play inside or out.  Acrobatic and very athletic, he can go up for the jump ball in the endzone or nestle underneath coverage.  His size and speed give the Titans insurance and a utility receiver in case Britt or his legs decide to go AWOL or if the Titans part with Washington.

There it is.  My dream draft.  What do you think?

So now I’ve shown you mine, show me yours.  Let’s hear what you would do as GM and give us your “dream draft”.

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