Chance Warmack And The Tennessee Titans: This Should Happen


Jan 19, 2013; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide captain Chance Warmack reacts as he is introduced at the National Championship celebration outside Bryant Denny Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Tennessee Titans take Chance Warmack with their first pick?

Okay.  This has been done before in a variety of ways.  Everyone and their brother has the Titans taking either Chance Warmack or Johnathan Cooper with the 10th selection overall in the coming 2013 NFL Draft.  A little while back I decided to explain some possible reasoning against such a pick as doubt creeped into my mind during a staff mock draft.  Jimmy Morris at MCM was very quick to counter as to why Warmack is the only reasonable pick for the Titans.  As the consummate devil’s advocate, I’m here to provide a rebuttal against myself, and prove once and for all why taking Chance Warmack with the Titans first overall pick is the correct decision.

In order to make this as concise and digestible as possible, I’ve arranged the arguments for Warmack in a handful of bullet points.

  • Right Guard is probably the biggest need the Titans have left that they weren’t able to address in free agency.  Period.  Warmack is a once in a generation player that happens to align with your greatest need.  Period.  It’s almost too simple.
  • The coaching staff has banked their jobs on Jake Locker.  Locker needs time to throw and a good run game.  These two things mean a LOT more than a play maker receiver or a better pass rush.
  • The Titans have $14M in CJ and Shonn Greene.  The run blocking last year was deplorable for much of the season.  For better or worse, CJ is the Titans play maker and their weapon of choice.  So use him.  Run him to death.  With a Levitre, Velascoe, Warmack interior offensive line, the Titans may never even have to pass the ball.  Have a mauling front line that can drive off the ball and let the millions the Titans have spent in the backfield do their thing.
  • 4-minute offense/Time of possesion.  This ties into the signing of Shonn Greene as well.  Remember the two Colts’ games?  Remember the lead the Titans had in both of them?  What about the Detroit game? Once the Titans did get the lead in a game last year, they couldn’t hold on to the ball.  As inept as the offense was last year, it’s biggest shortcoming was moving the chains.  The Titans were completely unable to run down the clock when everyone knew that’s what was happening.  They have to be able to close out games like that.  Shonn Greene isn’t doing squat on his own, and if the offensive line can’t get a push, get ready to see a lot of Brett Kern again.
  • Who else are you going to draft?  Mingo?  Ansah?  Werner?  Maybe it’s just me but I’m less than enamored with the defensive ends at the top of the draft.  I really feel like half of them will be busts or one trick ponies at best.  Why take the risk?  Help your anemic defense by keeping the offense on the field longer, and then use the rest of the draft on defense.
  • One of the most common arguments against Warmack is that you can get Larry Warford in the second round.  A handful of pundits have said that Warford really isn’t that big of a drop off from Warmack or Cooper.  Why not get a “top flight” DE and then just pick up Warford in the second?  Well if he’s really that good, then he probably won’t be there in the second round.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  • How far down the road are the Titans willing to kick this can?  They were scorched during the season for not making a move during last years draft.  Munchak has already said they will address the offensive line in the draft as well.  I’m not sure a non starting late-round pick is going to cut it.
  • J.J. Watt – Do I really need to elaborate on this?  3-4 defenses and dynamic Defensive Tackles like Watt are forcing the emphasis off of the typical Left Tackle spot and more towards the interior of the line.  Watt alone reaked havoc on Jake Locker and the Titans run game and they have to face him twice a year.

Convinced the Titans should take Warmack?  Well, I think they should, even though they won’t.  But that’s an article for next week!

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