Tennessee Titans, A Decade In Review : A Closer Look At The First Round Picks

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2006 – Vince Young 

Ahhh.  The infamous Vince Young pick.  Should the Titans have taken Cutler instead?

What about keeping your fan beloved franchise QB Steve McNair around a bit longer instead of locking him out of the complex and letting him go to the Ravens?  They could have gotten a truly elite TE in Vernon Davis, who went 6th, a position they’ve been trying to fill for ever. D’Brickashaw Ferguson and AJ Hawk were also taken 4th and 5th and have gone on to have stellar careers.

It’s hard to place too much blame, as the owner of the franchise forced the hand here. They needed a QB and after the National Championship game that year, it was hard not to be excited about having Vince Young.  The talent and ability were there without a doubt as the only knock mechanically was his throwing motion coming out of college.  The real problem here was this became the second top 10 pick in a row that did not have the maturity to lead a locker room.  Two top 10 head cases at the core of a young rebuilding team is a good recipe for a train wreck.

Grade: C