Tennessee Titans, A Decade In Review : A Closer Look At The First Round Picks

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2003 – Andre Woolfolk

In hindsight it looks like this one was bungled pretty badly.  The Titans took Andre Woolfolk with the 28th pick in the first round.  Woolfolk was by far and large the weak link in the Titans secondary for four years and a thorn under the saddle of Titans fans.  Jeff Fisher constantly backed him but he never lived up to potential, and took way too long to realize this.

What makes this pick worse is the context.  Nnamdi Asomugha was taken just 3 spots later by the Raiders, followed by the Bears taking Charles Tillman 4 slots after that.  Rashean Mathis was also passed on at the corner position and taken 11 spots after Woolfolk.  That’s 3 great corners that the Titans left on the board when they took Woolfolk, and it’s not like other teams had snagged all the DB’s they were targeting.

This is one the Titans would love to have as a do-over.

Grade: F