Tennessee Titans, A Decade In Review : A Closer Look At The First Round Picks

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Overall and Final grade

The Titans, like all teams, have had both hits and misses.  For the most part, they’ve done better with their first round picks than a lot of teams.  Only 30% of first round picks are still in the league after 4 years!

It also seems that as of late, the Titans have been better and better with their picks.  There’s always going to be someone every team passes on that turns out to be awesome, but that’s not the point of this.  We’re talking about the rule and not so much the exception.

Woolfolk and Troupe were back to back busts followed by two head cases in consecutive drafts.  That’s hard to recover from as an organization.  4 years of first round picks (yes, Troupe was technically a 2nd), and 2 of them in the top 10 and you’re left with squat.  It’s amazing that the Titans have been able to put together the teams they did under the circumstances.  They caught lightening in a bottle with their 13-3 season in 2008, but weren’t able to hold it together beyond that year.

The Titans are under a new regime and Ruston Webster has yet to let the fans down.  Last years draft can only be called a success with the exception of not paying enough attention to the teams needs early on.  We’ll soon see where the Titans brain trust takes the team this year, but so far they have proven very capable.  By adressing more of the needs in free agency this year, they may just continue on their BPA warpath.

When looking at the past ten years as a whole, I feel like the Titans were a failing organization that was grasping at straws.  Talented straws, but straws non the less.  They have grown as an organization though, and have lately been assembling a core group of players with both talent and character.  As a whole, this all basically evens out.

Funny how their overall draft grade for the decade is in line with their win/loss record over the past two years.  Any correlation?

Final Grade For The Decade:   C

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