Tennessee Titans 2013 Preseason Schedule Announced


Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has just released the Tennessee Titans 2013 Preseason Schedule.

The NFL seems to be mastering the art of keeping fans around and tuned in during the long and tenuous off-season with no games being played.  There’s obviously free agency as well as the draft.  Not to mention minicamps and OTA’s.  The next trickle of morphine to come down the I.V. tube for insatiable fans is today’s announcement of the preseason schedule. It’s the little tidbits like this that keep most of us hooked.  This information may only be for the truly depraved, yet here I am writing about it.

The Titans Preseason Schedule:

  • August 8-12: Washington Redskins
  • August 15-19: @ Cincinnati Bengals
  • August 22-26: Atlanta Falcons
  • August 28-30: @ Minnesota Vikings

That looks like 4 of the 2012 playoff teams to me.  Not too shabby.

This could actually be a good warm-up for the Titans.  It will be nice to see how they stack up against other playoff teams, even if they are just running base packages.  The Washington game will be interesting to see if RGIII is back in business.  The Titans starters look to have their “dress rehearsal” against a very talented Atlanta Falcon team at home in the third week.

I may be in the minority about the preseason, but I actually don’t mind it.  For a local fan, it’s nice to go to the stadium on a Saturday night and watch some football under the lights.  As a fan that follows a team a bit more closely than the average person, I also tend to enjoy watching the backups play and compete for a roster spot.  Not to mention the starters that may be in competition as well.

The preseason is also a chance for rookies to shine and force their way into a lineup.  I’ll never forget watching Maurice Jones Drew in the preseason and taking him “early” in my fantasy draft and looking like a genius for it.  Do you really want your rookie draft picks that are so valuable to a team jumping straight into a game from practice only?  Football is a fast and violent sport, and you need to get acclimated before they really start keeping score.

As for those that bitch about paying for those games: DON”T.  Let someone else buy your season tickets.  If the owners were smart, they would make the preseason tickets half price and just average the other half out over the other 8 games.  The other 8 games would go up by about $5 a ticket and people would shut up even though it’s the same amount of money in total.

Now that I’m off my mini soap box, what do you think?

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