Tennessee Titans Oscars: Clutch Moment of the Year


The nominees for Clutch Moment of the Year for the Tennessee Titans 2012 Season are:

  • The Music City Miracle Part II – throw back kick return during the roller coaster Lions game
  • Nate Washington’s Behind the Head Catch – ran for a TD during the Lions game
  • Zach Brown Gets 2 Pick 6’s – against the Jaguars
  • Thursday Night Prime Time Win Over the Steelers
  • Alterraun Verner Strips Ball From Lions Receiver – returns for a TD in the lions game


Nate Washington! With his behind the corner back’s head catch during the lions game!!!!!!!!!

Really, almost any play from this game could have won the award.  Personally I figured that the Music City Miracle II would have ended up being the fan favorite.   The incredible back and forth in this game was one thing, but plays like this is what made it unbelievable.  I can honestly say that I’ve never had more excitement at any game ever.

In this play, the ball was terribly under thrown although the target was correctly chosen as Nate had 1-on-1 coverage down the field.  Washington’s focus and awareness enabled him to jump and reach over Detroit Lions corner Jacob Lacey and literally pluck the ball off his back.  By the time Lacey realized what had happened, Nate Washington was high stepping into the end zone.  The play put the Titans up by a score with only 3 minutes and change left in a tie ball game.

I’m glad the award went to Nate because he is one of the hardest working, highest performing, yet underrated players on this team.  And he is definitely clutch.  Nate has turned out to be one of the best free agent acquisitions the Titans have made.  He plays hurt and he plays hard no matter what the score or the teams record.  He’s also very smart and has the veteran savvy to read the field and has a knack for what the defense is doing, and will continue to be a reliable target for Jake Locker.

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