Tennessee Titans Oscars: Failed Moment Of The Year


The nominees for the Tennessee Titans Failed Moment Of The Year are:

  • Jake Locker injures his non throwing shoulder tackling in the first game of the year.
  • Jake Locker further injures his shoulder against the Texans, knocking him out for 6 weeks.
  • Colin McCarthy rolls his ankle in the first game of the season, an injury that would plague him the entire season.
  • Early non-whistle by the refs in the first Colts game cost the Titans the win after what should have been a game winning fumble recovery.

And the winner of this years award is……..

The blown call by the refs at the end of the Titans-Colts game!!!!

This was just absolutely horrible.  The play was an obvious fumble and would have given the Tennessee Titans the ball on their own 24 with 19 seconds left to play.  A chip shot for Bironas. Instead the game went to overtime and resulted in a Titans loss.

If there could be one pivotal turning point to the season, then this was it.  The Titans were 3-4 going into this game a played there division rival down to the wire.  It’s a new era in the AFC South, with the Texans on top and the Titans and Colts rebuilding young teams to contend for second place.  The Titans would have asserted themselves here had they come away with a win, that they deserved.  Coming off two wins in a row, this was a chance for the Tennessee Titans to keep their momentum going and get back to .500.

But alas, the opposite occurred.  This was the beginning of the end.  The deflation and hangover after losing that game carried over into the next week where the Titans were mauled by the Chicago Bears.  The offensive line began to fall apart, the defense continued to get smoked, and the Titans finished out their last 6 games a very bumpy 3-3, ending the season with a 6-10 record.

Call it what you will, but Momentum, Swagger, and Confidence are crucial in a game like pro football.  The Titans coaching staff was unable to get the players heads out of the gutter after this heart breaking loss, and the rest is history.

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