Tennessee Titans Fans: Titan Sized Looking For Staff


We party hard.  Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Tennessee Titans fans. Would you like to be part of a team really cool people who love the Tennessee Titans and pump out content about them every day?

If so, we want you here. We’ve got room for all sorts of people.

Copy Editor:

Are you one of those people who hate to see things misspelled or improper grammar? Well, we could use somebody to trace our steps. With how busy we are spitting out content, we aren’t always able to catch our own errors.

Facebook Manager:

People like to talk with us on Facebook but with all the different things we’ve got going on, we aren’t always able to engage them in long, well thought conversations. Ask people questions, make polls, and discuss article with some of our fans on Facebook!

Hub Editor:

Are you obsessed with the Titans? Even if you’re not, do you spend lots of time finding videos, articles, and tweets about them? Well our hub is built to share things like that. You could share your favorite Titans articles, videos, and tweets with all the other Titans fans by managing our hub.


Obviously, we’re always open to new talent. We do have restrictions though. We ask that our Staff Writers produce at least one article a week. That means pumping out content even when things get hard, like during the offseason. We start off all our writers as Contributors, who have to produce one article every two weeks. Once they’ve proven they can consistently produce content on a weekly basis, we give them the promotion to Staff Writer.

All our positions are unpaid, but they provide the chance to be part of a team that’s all about the Titans. Writers have the opportunity to interview players and have links to their work featured on Sports Illustrated. It also gives you a stage to preach your Titans opinions from. It also gives you the opportunity to start building a resumé, whatever job you’re interested in.

Please only serious applicants. I’ll do my best to get back to all applicants. It’s a busy life. All applications for a position on the Titan Sized staff should send a sample article to jstitansized@gmail.com with a little info about yourself and why you’d like to write for the site.