My Tennessee Titans Valentine


Oct 7, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Nate Washington (85) against the Minnesota Vikings at the Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Titans 30-7. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

This Valentines Day I decided to go extra lame and declare my secreted love for a Tennessee Titans player.  (In a fan-to-player way only of course).

It’s true that I have a bit of a crush on Jake Locker.  He’s had me full of hope and gives me butterflies when he flashes his potential on the field of play.  My favorite player ever in the NFL is Steve McNair and I’ve been through the ringer ever since he left my team.  (Yes, they kicked him out).  I’ve tried to get behind all our other quarterbacks even with their flaws, but obviously no one has stuck around.  While Locker has provided me hope with his  dedication, attitude and hard work, his on the field play just hasn’t lived up to expectations.  At least not yet. So for now I am attempting to keep my feelings in check.

Colin McCarthy attempted to steal my heart as well, as the 2011 season progressed.  He played with a chip on his shoulder and a ferocity that this team needs at MLB.  Yet his lack of ability to stay healthy and on the field this year has given me concerns about our relationship.  Can I really fall for someone like that?  It’s like dating someone that is always out of town leaving you dinner for one on a Saturday night.

On the other hand, our offensive tackles are maybe the best players on the team.  Not only that, but they’re dependable as well.  Always there for you, doing there job and doing it well.  You only hear about them when they screw up which is rarely if ever.  Yet for all their great attributes I just can’t get excited abut them.  I hate to say it,  but they’re just not sexy enough to be my love.

Chris Johnson sure is exciting.  His flashy play has me cheering in the stands or at home, high-fiving my friends or my dog on many a Sunday.  He’s always there and never injured, although the hold out did hurt the team greater than we thought it would.  For all of his gifts and attributes though, I just don’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling.  I think it’s best we just remain friends.

So this Valentine’s Day, my heart belongs to none other than Nate Washington.

Nate has been everything to me that I want out of a Tennessee Titan.  He’s smart and can read defenses with ease as a veteran that’s seen it all.  His knowledge and veteran leadership goes beyond the field as well and helps stabilize a young locker room.  He doesn’t get into trouble and doesn’t say stupid things to the media.  He also plays harder than hard.  I love watching Kendall Wright play the same way as Nate, only younger.  We’ve all seen Nate play hurt and I love the grit that he gives this team.  Everyone remember how he played in the almost magical Saints game in 2011?  (forward to 2:47)

Washington was already banged up pretty bad before that play as well.  Nate’s not always the flashiest but he does show amazing talent when it’s needed the most.  How about the Lion’s game when he plucked the ball off the back of Jacob Lacey?  He’s always seems to be there when you need him, and there’s a comfort level that he’s there even when you don’t.  For all these reasons and more, Nate Washington is my Tennessee Titans Valentine.

Who’s your Valentine?

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