Tennessee Titans Weekly Links: Surprise Picks


What is really going on here? Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s your weekly Tennessee Titans links for stuff I found all over this inter web thingy:

  • TitansDraft has a great article up on some surprise picks the Tennessee Titans may hit us with in this years draft.  Last year we were surprised in almost every round, but the first round most of all.  I do think there’s less likely a chance of a major upset this year due to the glaring needs combined with how high the pick is.
  • Randy Moss talks about how awesome Kenny Britt could be if he got his mind right.  Hey Britt!  Listen to the man!  The problem is that Moss is right, and he if he doesn’t live up to his potential, then it will be just another waste.  Even worse would be if he decided to flourish and become truly bad a** on another team after next year.
  • Matt Stein at the Bleacher Report has a list of free agents he thinks is worth overpaying.  Not only that, but he also points out which team should overpay for the high profile player.  Many Titans fans covet Andy Levitre, currently of the Buffalo Bills.  He’s in the list, but Matt thinks the Bears are the ones that should get him.  Screw the Bears.  We need him more.
  • The fellas over at MCM have put up an article breaking down Kenny Britt’s brief but spectacular play in 2011 before the injury.  Superhorn does a good job of analyzing the “why” part of what made Kenny so special during those first few games.  It really is a shame because it looks like he was just starting to really “click”.
  • The USA Today let us know that the Titans have brought in recently released Giants DT Chris Canty.  It’s good to see the Titans are doing their homework before free agency starts so that they can make a move early on.  This would be a great move if the price is right.
  • Matt Gagne at SI.com has a great breakdown on the issues with the Titans and what they need to do this offseason.  The most eye raising part of the article is the 35.2% completion rate Locker had under pressure.  Not good at all.

27 days until the start of Free Agency

71 days left until the Draft

Anyone else feel like February is the longest month?  I would have cut it short if I was making the calender as well.

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