Mike Munchak Press Conference: Greg Williams,Chris Johnson and Speed Talking


Mike Munchak and some of the new coaching staff. Courtesy of Titansonline.com

Mike Munchak Press Conference  (click for link)

Mike Munchak has finally spoken to the media as he held a long, full blown press conference on Thursday afternoon.  There have been a lot of moves in the Titans’ camp this offseason, but little explanation coming from the head coach or the front office.  Munchak decided to explain the entirety of the coaching staff changes in one fell swoop as well as clear the air on some personnel moves on the roster.  Here’s the highlights form the press conference:

  • Mike Munchak sure talks fast.  He sounds like I probably would if I got in front a bunch of reporters for the first time and was trying to explain myself.  This isn’t anything new, but it does make you feel like he’s the type of guy that has a million thoughts going through his head at once.  Personally, I kind of like that.  For better or worse, he’s definitely not doing anything blindly.  Unlike a lot of coaches out there, Munchak probably said more in one hour than many do in an entire season.
  • Coach Munchak started off by introducing all the new offensive coaches.  I felt like he did a really good job explaining the thought process and interviewing that went into his decision making at these positions.  Not only did he explain the thought process, but I tend to agree with him on the offensive staff moves.  He focused on Jake Locker and Chris Johnson as the two main pieces to build the offense around, and how he wanted someone that would develop and utilize them as they were.  That led to Dowell Loggains remaining offensive coordinator.  Jake’s comfort level with, as well as  Ragone’s QB experience, made him a good fit to move to QB coach.  Finally, Shawn Jefferson was an A+ get as receivers coach with quite a pedigree.
  • The defensive coaches were also introduced.  He spoke well to the fact that you have to put the staff together like a puzzle and can’t just pluck individuals and hope they work well together.  That being said,  Greg Williams obviously stole the limelight in this section.  He opened with a statement in order to put the past year and the bounty scandal behind him.  Munchak also defended his promotion of Chet Parlavecchio to linebackers coach as he reiterated his gusto and energy.  I really hope that move doesn’t screw up what could be a stellar group.  It was nice to hear the coaches talk about getting back to some fundamentals.
  • Chris Johnson and Michael Griffin are staying.  Nothing to see here, everyone move along.  Perhaps the coaching staff shuffling was enough for the off season and no one wanted to rock the boat too much.  Keeping CJ was a tough decision  but ultimately I think they made the right one.  Creating another hole on this team isn’t a good move.   If Strong Safety is adequately  addressed this offseason, then keeping Griff may prove to be prudent as well.  There are currently an awful lot of Free Safeties going into Free Agency this off season, but not near as many at the Strong position.
  • Munchak also spoke to the urgency of the Titans current situation.  One of the most poignant statements he made was that no one was going to have patience with the team in the upcoming year because he hired all new staff.  He knows better than that.  Which is why he chose to go with continuity over change at a number of the positions.  The coaching moves he made were the best for the team now and hopefully for the future.  He kept enough key people that would allow the team to build on the good things they have, and hopefully brought in enough new blood to change the bad.

Overall, the press conference was good for us all.  Things had been hush hush at Baptist Sports Park for awhile now, but coach Mike Munchak actually did a really good job letting the media and fans into his head on the staff changes.  He didn’t stop at the typical coach speak of how everyone was his first choice and how they were all a perfect fit.  He went on to explain the thought process behind these moves and why he made them.  Whether you agree or disagree with the moves, at least there is a method to the madness.

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