Tennessee Titans: Gregg Williams Intro Statement


Jan 7, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams watches pregame warmups prior to the game against the Detroit Lions in the 2011 NFC Wild Card Playoff game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Before Gregg Williams addressed the media at his introduction as a member of the Tennessee Titans, he wanted to clear the air and had a statement written down that he wanted to start things off with:

"I’m not usually a statement guy, but I want to make sure I say things correctly and make sure I include everybody and be patient with me. I met with the commissioner last week and we had a good talk and I thank him for my reinstatement back into the league. I’d like to thanks Mr. Bud Adams, Ruston Webster, Mike Munchak, Jerry Gray as well as the entire Titans organization for providing me this opportunity to come back to where I began my NFL career.I’m thankful and grateful and will immediately begin to work tirelessly to fulfill the commitments I’ve made to this organization and to the Nashville community to help the Tennessee Titans football team be successful.I take full responsibility and apologize for my previous actions and I’ve used this year to reorganize my life and put focus on positive energy and positive ways to inspire and coach and motivate in this profession. I’m here to put my focus and my energies into working tirelessly on behalf of the Titans and making as much of a positive impact in any way possible as I can for them.I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward with excitement to get started.I’m a big quote guy, and I’ve used those for quotes for life with I don’t know how many players and coaches I’ve had a chance to work with in over 30 years that I’ve coached at all levels of football. And this one came to mind to me this morning and I’ve like to end with this thought by Robert H. Schuller, one that I’ve used before.“It takes but one positive thought, when given a chance to survive and thrive, to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.”I’m excited about being back here with this organization. I’m excited about being back here in this community. I can’t wait to get started. It was a great rebirth walking in here this morning. I arrived back in here in Nashville last night a little bit before midnight, I got in here early and it was like an old home to me. There are a lot of guys on this staff that I’ve coached, there are a lot of guys on this staff that I’ve coached with before here, there are a couple guys on this staff that I’ve coached other places with and now they’re back here also.So again I’m excited to be back in the organization and ready to get to work."

I think Williams made a great start with how he approached the situation. He did a good job of emphasizing how he’s moving forward after being involved with the ugly bounty gate scandal and how he’s just happy to be given another chance and hopes to make the most of it.

Hopefully he does.

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