Around the AFC South: Busy Day for Everyone But the Tennessee Titans


Credit: Justin Stewart/Titan Sized

The Tennessee Titans didn’t do anything exciting today but there were rumblings happening around them, even if they aren’t truly in the AFC South.

  • Ex-Titans head coach, now St. Louis Rams HC Jeff Fisher picked up ex-Titans defensive coordinator, now Lions HC Jim Schwartz’s recently released WR Titus Young. Fisher appears to be sticking to his old guns of picking up troubled players that he feels like he can control. If he can indeed, he’ll be nicely rewarded with the former 1st round picks production. It’s crazy to think that a guy that was drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft has already been released from his team.
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars and their mustachioed owner have obtained a new logo. I don’t know what I think of it. People have been quick to attack it and just as quick to defend it. Personally, I don’t care. When they play well, I’ll be interested in talking about them Until then, I’ll focus on the Titans own suffering play.
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch could have played his last down of football now that the Detroit Lions have finished with him. Nobody’s excited to bring on a 34 year old defensive end who’s out of gas. Vanden Bosch has had a great career and there’s certainly no shame in retiring. Better to retire now than to try and squeeze out another year rotting away in rotation on some unfortunate team.
  • WR Jacoby Jones had to have made every Houston Texans fan let out a big ole groan when he returned a kickoff for a TD in the Super Bowl Sunday night. I know I was groaning watching ex-Titans CB Cary Williams out there.
  • Indianapolis Colts HC Chuck Pagano is starting to feel like his old self again. Beating cancer and watching your young team bloom while you’re doing it probably didn’t hurt. He’s got plenty to look forward to in 2013.

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