Tennessee Titans’ Support Group


The only Titans to make the Pro Bowl… Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Me:  “Hi, my name is Phill.”
Support Group: “Hi Phill.”
Me: “I am a Tennessee Titans’ fan.”
Support Group (slightly embarrassed): “Oh…sorry.”
Me: “It’s ok. I have come to terms with it.”
Support Group (sympathetically): “That’s good.”
Me: “I just wanted to say a few things…get a few things off my chest. You know?”
Support Group: “That sounds fine. This is a safe environment. A judgement free zone. Share whatever is on your heart.”
Me: “Ok. Just warning you guys, this is might be a little long.”
Support Group: “That’s ok.”
Me: “Great. Where should I start? I’ll start from the top and work my way down. First, is it just me, or is Bud Adams seriously in need of a new hobby? Because let’s be honest here, he treats the Titans like a hobby. It’s like he is a really bad fantasy football owner – you know the guy. He’s the guy that drafted Devin Hester in the first round a few years ago, because Hester was going to light it up on offense and special teams. He’s the guy that forgets to adjust his lineup and ends up starting a few guys that are on their bye week. Bud Adams is that guy. He pays little to no attention to the Titans for most of the year, then he happens to stay awake for most of an embarrassing loss, and then he goes crazy with demands and ultimatums. But then he doesn’t really follow through on anything.

He demanded accountability from this team a few times, and the only accountability we have seen so far is Chris Palmer’s head on a plate. (Not literally, because that would be horrifying…but pretty effective.) Jerry Gray still has a job. If that is not the complete opposite of accountability, then I don’t know what could be more oppisite. (I guess he could have promoted Jerry Gray to Head Coach. That would be more opposite. Let’s be thankful that didn’t happen, because with Bud Adams, it was on the table more than likely.)

Evidently, Bud Adams decided to yell and fume to the media, but then he just left everything and everyone on the team alone after that. And perhaps that is for the best. (Before you yell at me and remind me that I am forgetting the fact that Bud Adams fired Mike Reinfeldt, believe me, it was an intentional oversight. If there was anyone with this franchise that was less effective in their job than Bud Adams, it was Reinfeldt. His drafts were awful. Most of his contracts make my brain hurt. All in all, letting him go was the one smart thing Bud Adams has done for this team in years.)

Like I said, this team would be better off if Bud Adams discovered a new hobby. Something to keep him entertained and out of the way. I hear bingo is really big with his age demographic.  He might even be able to work in a few double bird salutes into his bingo repertoire.  It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Come back next week for more of my support group rant. On deck: The coaching staff.