NFL Playoffs: Staff Predictions


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NFL PLayoffs: Staff Predictions

It’s the final weekend of games before the Super Bowl.  There is a always a tinge of sadness as the best games of the year kickoff, knowing that the season is almost over for another long 8 months.  At least we have free agency and the draft, right?  That being said, these are two of the most exciting Championship games I can remember in a long time.  Here’s the talented staff at Titan Sized to break them down for you:

San Francisco @ Atlanta

Jason Peters, Assistant Editor:   Atlanta finally makes it to the NFC Championship, but alas, this is not their year. Kaepernick and the 49ers are too hot at the right time, and now that they finally have a dynamic player at the quarterback position, even if he does get his yards unconventionally, the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh will advance to the Super Bowl.  49ers 31 – Falcons 24

Shawn Eagle, Lead Writer:  While the Falcons seemed to be cruising for the first half of the Seahawks game last week they forgot there was a 2nd half to play. That won’t matter this week as they host the 49ers who crushed the Packers last week. The 49ers are too dynamic on offense, too hungry on defense…too much for the Falcons to handle. 49ers 27- Falcons 13

 Justin Stewart, Editor:  Matty Ice is not the real deal. I swear to admit that he is. He will not win this game. That’s not to say that Colin Kaepernick is either, but I believe in the 49ers defense and coaching. Obviously, my QB hate continues, but I have enough love for the 49ers defense and a lack of respect for the Falcons under pressure that I’ll take the 49ers.  49ers 31 – Falcons 28

Josh Gunnels, Assistant Editor:  Obvoiulsy Atlanta isn’t the sexy pick here.  They just won their first playoff game under Matt Ryan’s tenure in dramatic fashion.  The whole league is abuzz with Kaepernick and the pistol offense that leaves defenders confused on where to go or what to do.  The Falcon’s seem like the kid that no one wants at the party, but that kid usually shows up anyways.  I say the Falcons whether the storm and keep the Harbuagh brother’s from reuniting in the Super Bowl.  Facons 31 – 49ers 24

Matias Wodner, Contributor: Well, I clearly had no idea what I was talking about last week. I really want to see Tony Gonzalez get a chance at a super bowl ring, but the 49ers are just way too good right now.  49ers 31 – Falcons 27

Phillip Lytle, Contributor: This is a game that should be very entertaining.  Both teams are solid from top to bottom.  Both teams are well coached…most of the time.  (Let’s not talk about the insane onside kick by Atlanta at the end of the Seattle game.)  Both teams are playing great football at the exact right time.  So, who has the edge?  I don’t know, so I decided to simply guess.  It’s not like my picks last week were stellar or anything.      49ers 31 – Falcons 30

Baltimore @ New England

Jason Peters, Assistant Editor:   New England shows that the Ravens, and specifically Joe Flacco, were pretenders all along. Ray Lewis will go out as the best MLB of our generation, but go out he will. Tom Brady shows why he’s Tom Brady and, like it or not, Belichick shows that he is, in fact, smarter than everyone else.  Patriots 42 – Ravens 24

Shawn Eagle, Lead Writer:   I can see this game being closer than the 8.5 point spread that is out there. The Ravens know the Patriots well and should play them pretty tough. In the end I just think the Pats are too tough and too determined at home. Patriots  30 – Ravens 24

 Justin Stewart, Editor:  *Yack. Sorry, I just feel really sick having to pick a winner between two of my least favorite teams ever. Tom Brady always makes the best pout face, and who doesn’t want to see Ray Lewis finish it up with a trip to the Super Bowl? But reality is a bitch. I think the Patriots are the better team and take this. Still, if I have to root for a team, I’m rooting for Baltimore.  Patriots 31 – Ravens 24

Josh Gunnels, Assistant Editor:  Wow.  Can anyone possibly pick the Ravens in this game?  The Belichick/Brady machine is running as smoothly and well oiled as ever, and they have the brass to back up their claim.  The Patriots are the best team in the NFL. Period.  But that doesn’t mean they win.  The Ravens weren’t supposed to win last week either, but they are on some kind of magical ride and I guess I say they keep flying.  I have no faith in this pick, but I am still going to make it.  Ravens hold off a Brady comeback at the end .  Ravens 31 – Patriots 27

Matias Wodner, Contributor:  The Patriots are really friggin’ good. I do hate the Ravens but they’ve had quite a magical run so far. I believe it ends sadly in Foxborough Sunday night.  Patriots 27 – Ravens 23

Phillip Lytle, Contributor:  Is it possible for both teams to lose?  If so, I’m going with that.  I hate these teams.  There are no other sports’ teams that I hate more than these two.  I despise virtually everything about them.  I don’t respect them either.  I know you are supposed to respect Brady and Belichick, but I don’t.  Brady’s face makes me want to punch something….preferably his face.  And Belichick ruined the Cleveland Browns back in the 1990’s when they were my favorite team.  Needless to say, I do not wish him well.

But on the other side, you have the team responsible for the Tennessee Titans’ biggest  and most heartbreaking playoff losses.  The Ravens as an organization disgust me.  Is that clear enough?  Their very existence is an insult to everything that I hold dear. Patriots 30 – Ravens 21

Now I need to go take a shower.  I feel dirty and used.

***It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that is disgusted with the teams from the AFC this year.  At least the Texans, Colts, and Manning aren’t around anymore.  It’s been a tough playoff season to find someone to root for.

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